The Cause


Faces once filled with tears and bruises; are now faces of triumph.


Where does the money go?


The funds raised will be used to produce and cover the costs of workshop supplies and materials; as well as award materials for the chosen honoree or annual winner of the program.


Tools | Materials | Supplies


Administrative supplies: Notepads, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, clipboards, markers, whiteboards, flash drives.


Beauty Supplies: All makeup products, foundations, brushes, facial products, nail supplies, hair products.


Wardrobe Supplies: Career and transitional clothing (blazers, jackets, blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, trousers)


Food & Transportation: Metro-cards and Lunch/snack items.


Furniture: Chairs, desks, makeup stations

Space/Workshop Facility: 700 – 1000+ sq. feet space.


Photography + Production Supplies: camera and video + post-production services


Staff & Volunteers: facilitators, administrators, professionals in make-up artistry, ward-robe stylist, business development, life coaching and self-improvements.


Sponsorship & Donation opportunities

For complete details about sponsorship and/or to donate any of the above mentioned items or services, please send an email to




Why we need your help.


City Girl Beauty Project needs your help to raise funds for the organization's core program; The Heroic Beauty Workshop-a free workshop for selected young women (ages 18 - 30) who are survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.



What is the program about?

The "Heroic Beauty Workshop" uses a combination of beauty & leadership lessons to empower survivors.  The workshop is facilitated by using the power of colors, makeup artistry, beauty, character building, leadership and self-development skills,


How does it works?

City Girl Beauty Project partners with various allies, who are domestic violence and human trafficking organizations and outreach programs to provide and recommend the candidates and participants for the program. The allies also partner in the  facilitation of the workshop.


​The program/workshop consists of (5 - 10) candidates ages 18 - 30. The annual workshop runs for just 6 - 8 weeks beginning in the month of September thru October. Program participants meet once per week for a (3) hour course sessions over a time period of 6 - 8 weeks.


The Opportunity for the Winner:

The honoree or winner will become the ambassador for (1) calendar year, during which we will participate in various projects to make a difference. Prize winnings include:


For complete details about the Heroic Beauty Workshop, please send an email to